Come Along !

The Come Along! process opened up the opportunity for villages – beyond the selected villages – to get engaged in several activities of the Smart Rural 21 project and develop and implement their smart village strategies and solutions along with the Smart Rural 21 selected villages.

The process was initiated in mid-2020 as an additional activity of the project, following the large interest in the call for participant villages.

The goal has been not to leave any village behind that is interested in following the Smart Village journey and the activities of the project.

Almost 200 communities have registered to become a Come Along! village from 23 EU and 2 non-EU countries. Many of these villages were actively participating in several activities of the Smart Rural 21 project.

Information about smart villages and villages-in-transition can also be found in the Geomapping Tool of the Smart Rural 27 project, including several Smart Rural 21 selected and Come Along! villages.

19 Come Along! villages have also prepared their own smart village strategies:

Alsómocsolád (Hungary)

Añora (Spain)

Aveloso (Spain)

Çakırlar (Turkey)

Candeleda (Spain)

Drenje (Croatia)

Elvillar / Bilar (Spain)

Engure (Latvia)

“Észak-Hegyháti” Micro-region Union (Hungary)

Hilvarenbeek (Netherlands)

Killeedy (Ireland)

Kurtovo Konare (Bulgaria)

Od – Alboga – Hjerttorp / “OAS-villages” (Sweden)

Ploeuc-L’Hermitage (France)

San Costanzo (Italy)

Satnica Đakovačka (Croatia)

Sierra de Montánchez y Tamuja (Spain)

Trnava (Croatia)

Vega De Valcarce (Spain)

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