Come Along !

Come Along! is a new opportunity that allows interested villages to develop and implement smart village strategies and solutions step-by-step and at the same pace as the Smart Rural 21 participant villages.

Interested villages have signed to become part of the Come Along! September 2020.

There is no obligation to complete the process registered villages can withdraw at any time without any repercussions.

What do we need to do if we join the ‘Come Along!’ process?

  • Your community will be encouraged to develop its smart village strategy by January 2021.
  • Your community will be encouraged to define initial planned actions through concrete action plans and start implementing them starting from the beginning of 2021.

What will I get from the project if I join the ‘Come Along!’ process?

  • The project will provide timely information and tools that can help Come Along! villages to prepare their smart village strategies.
  • Villages that come along, will have a priority when the project selects villages for peer-to-peer exchange (e.g. cross-visits and face-to-face events).
  • Come Along! villages’ achievements and practices will be promoted through the project communications tools.
  • Villages that complete the process and practices (develop strategies and take actions) are expected to get a personalised Smart Rural 21 quality brand subject to agreement with the European Commission..

Why not join now?


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