Smart Café

Smart Rural Communities Cafés are organised for selected and Come Along! Smart Rural 21 villages. Each café is hosted by the representative(s) of a local community who talk about the community’s approach to ‘smart villages’, community engagement, inspiring initiatives and much more…

During the Smart Cafés village representatives can discuss informally ideas, approaches and questions that interest them in relation to specific theme(s) presented by the hosting village, over a coffee, tea or breakfast.

1st Smart Communities Café, Torup (Denmark), 19 November 2021

During the 1st Café, hosted by Torup (Denmark), Peter Plant was telling about their local democracy, voluntary work, community fund, how they engage community members through ‘Torup Ting’ and about their smart plans for the future.

2nd Smart Communities Café, Mouans-Sartoux (France), 8 January 2021

During the 2nd Smart Rural Communities’ Café, hosted by Mouans-Sartoux (France), Thibaud Lalanne was telling about about the way they built up 100% organic school canteens and municipal farms, as well as how the village has managed to design a resilient and ecosystemic food project based on a diversity of policies.

3rd Smart Communities Café, Raudanmaa (Finland), 3 February 2021

During the 3rd Smart Rural Communities’ Café, hosted by Raudanmaa (Finland), Heini Niklas-Salminen was talking about their village cooperative (including the optical fibre network), their smart village hall (multi-service centre) plans, as well as related community farm concept and village services (including innovative digital solutions). 

4th Smart Communities Café, Penela (Portugal), 30 March 2021

During the 4th Smart Rural Communities’ Café, hosted by Penela (Portugal), Luis Matias was talking about how IoT technologies in goat-farming has contributed to leveraging territorial marketing and development as well as about their plans on how to develop the right methods and facilities for a healthy aging of elderly people in one of their small villages.


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