We are a village 35 km away from our capital Prague with 2500 permanent inhabitants (and some 500 residents who have houses in the village, but are not officially registered here). Our municipality consists of three formerly independent villages: Mukařov-Buda – an ancient settlement with our church, school, medical centre and shops laying at the crossroads of traditional trading routes, Srbín – a former agricultural village with extensive recent construction of new family houses, and Žernovka – a village known for its stonemasonry tradition.

Most of our working-age citizens commute to work outside the municipality. One of our aims is to improve communication and linkages between our citizens and the local government administration. Among others, we would like to improve e-governance practices, allowing flexibility in administration for citizens who are not in the village during working hours (due to every-day commuting).

First ‘smart’ steps were made in 2019 when we introduced an incentive system for waste management and launched a new municipal website. This year we are seeking ways to offer our citizens online payment of local fees.

We are currently looking for ways to better engage through digital means with those citizens (including children, youth, parents and seniors) who spend most of their time in the village. We would also like to attract more tourists and visitors to the village, which is part of Ladův kraj micro-region – a voluntary union of municipalities for tourism development and promotion – named after Josef Lada (famous Czech painter and illustrator) who drew inspiration for his work from the local area characterised by well-preserved nature.



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