Raudanmaa is a rural area with some 600 inhabitants that consists of several small villages. People live very close to nature in our area, and this is a great asset that our villages can offer both to new residents and visitors. Our main aspiration is to be a service-oriented, innovative village where daily life runs smoothly. We want to bring new innovative enablers to boost the village economy and living conditions.

We are proud of our local community that is very active and supportive of new initiatives. We have several active associations and organise regular gatherings of villagers on matters that concern everyone. We have built our own water supply, sewage system and optical fibre network. One of our main concerns now is to create a well-functioning multi-service smart village hall that provides activities and services to local residents and visitors in the area. We gathered the opinion and ideas from all villagers to develop a plan for the village hall and are currently developing detailed plans on the construction, functioning and sustainability of our hall.

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Raudanmaa village strategy

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