Raudanmaa is a rural area with some 600 inhabitants, which consists of several small hamlets and houses surrounded by beautiful lakeside nature, woods, and fields. People live very close to nature which is a great asset that our village can offer both to new residents and visitors. Our main aspiration is to be a service-oriented, innovative village where daily life runs smoothly. We want to bring new, innovative enablers in order to boost the village economy and living conditions.

We are proud of our local community which is very active and supportive of new initiatives. We have several associations organising activities and enabling dynamic communal lifestyle enjoyed by the villagers. We organise regular gatherings on matters that concern everyone and share news and issues of interest on social media.

We have built our own water supply, sewage system and optical fibre network. Telecommuting is everyday life for us, keeping the many entrepreneurs and modern farms connected to the world. Working fibre optic network connections also enable students and school children to participate in remote sessions that have become the norm during occasional lockdowns.

One of our main initiatives now is to create a well-functioning smart village hall that provides activities and multiple services to local residents and visitors. We gathered opinions and ideas from all the villagers, found inspiration in other villages’ solutions, and worked with partner companies to develop a plan for the village hall. Currently, we are working in thematic working groups on detailed plans on the renovation, functioning and sustainability of our hall and expect to start many new activities in the spring of 2021.


Village strategy :

Raudanmaa village strategy

Smart Rural Journey

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Raudanmaa received support for the development of its old school building into a community centre (and small demonstration farm), including for the elaboration of the architectural plans of the building, as well as expert support for identifying similar demonstration farm business models.


3rd Smart Communities Café, Raudanmaa (Finland), 3 February 2021

During the 3rd Smart Rural Communities’ Café, hosted by Raudanmaa (Finland), Heini Niklas-Salminen was talking about their village cooperative (including the optical fibre network), their smart village hall (multi-service centre) plans, as well as related community farm concept and village services (including innovative digital solutions).

Village development in Raudanmaa

Raudanmaa’s smart strategy and its key principles are: to ensure smooth services; reinforce a sense of community; and preserve a clean countryside. The village is also busy implementing projects: a fibre optic network (already implemented successfully) and a smart village hall with various services and business opportunities (currently in the making).

Raudanmaa optical fibre network project in Finland

The project built up a comprehensive telecommunications network from optical fibre in the Raudanmaa village area to support existing businesses in the region, enable the emergence of new ones, and improve residents’ access to both public and private services. It is one of the highlighted ‘smart solutions’ of the Smart Rural 21 project.

Our Raudanmaa – why youngsters love life in the countryside

Get a flavour of the traditional Raudanmaa culture week for children, aged 5 to 12, who get together to enjoy and learn from a series of workshops and events, including cooking, music, hobby horses, fishing, sup boarding, and more.

Resources :

Social engagement in Raudanmaa
Mirka Huhtanen ( 27/01/2022 )
A presentation given at the 3rd Smart Rural 21 Regional Workshop on the social engagement of Raudanmaa (Finland), one of the project’s 21 selected villages.
Language : English
How to finance SMART VILLAGE HALL project?
Heini Niklas-Salminen ( 24/02/2021 )
A presentation provided at the 2nd Smart Village Academy of the Smart Rural 21 project during the working group session. The Smart Village Hall is the HEART of Raudanmaa, serving as meeting point for villagers and visitors in the spirit of old-time marketplace. It is a platform for multiple services for villagers, customers, networks of partners and travelers, characterized by animals and a farm yard enabling new services for nearby cities and enriching activities for the villagers. Smart Village Hall is the beacon of the villagers’ activity, cooperation and innovative thinking.
Language : English
Summary Highlights of the Smart Village Strategy of Raudanmaa (Finland)
( 12/2020 )
The Summary Highlights of the Smart Village Strategy of Raudanmaa has been developed in the context of the ‘Preparatory Action for Smart Rural Areas in the 21st Century’ project funded by the European Commission.
Language : English

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