Tomaszyn is a small village located in Warmia and Mazury. It consists of ten households and a cooperative. The region is classified as the Green Lungs of Poland and has the lowest population density in the country. There are eight landscape parks in the voivodeship, which shelter natural phenomena on a European scale. It is said to be the Land of a Thousand Lakes.

Tomaszyn has been a farming and prosperous village for many centuries, first written information dating to 1410. However, most of the village buildings were destroyed during World War 2.

The population shrunk to four farms and several vacationers reaching the lowest point in 2017. A year later, the Cooperative Ostoja Natury was formed and settled in Tomaszyn. Ostoja Natury is the ‘agricultural ecosystem of tomorrow’, constituting the reference farm model of the smart village. This organic farm is a closed circuit in which waste is fuel, it produces energy, enables year-round food production, and works more efficiently, ensuring higher yields.

While creating Ostoja Natury, we were inspired by nature’s already existing solutions. Just as in a prehistoric forest – the circuit is everything, waste is non-existent. Our goal is to create an ecosystem designed to provide economic efficiency with minimal influence on the environment. Methods tested over the ages, such as crop rotation, raised seedbeds, home recipes, and many more, are refreshed and implemented, using technological innovations of modern times.

Our cooperative had developed and started the implementation of several strategies in Tomaszyn:

  • Ostoja Natury Village 3.0;
  • Bio Hub;
  • Waste-free, self-sufficient habitat for rural households;
  • Passive, rain based, Ost-Oya irrigation system;
  • Passive greenhouse.

Village strategy :

Tomaszyn village strategy


Smart Rural Journey

Follow along with our Village Roadmap here :

Tomaszyn has been experimenting with various sustainable and smart agricultural production methods, as well as has been exploring a eco-building construction. Tomaszy plans to develop Regenerative Plans for the village including landscape plan, animal regenerative grazing plan, localisation of agro-forest, crop and field regenerative production plan and educational path. National and international specialist in earthship projects, regenerative grazing, agroforestry and passive greenhouse construction visited the coopeartion to provide consultancy and share their knowledge in the relevant fields of expertee in the frame of various workshops organized in Ostoja Natury for the members of the cooperation and residents of Tomaszyn between 29/04/2022 – 06/05/2022


Regenerative Agriculture in the making ep.2: Earthship plans with Aardehuis community founder

Paul Hendriksen, Earthship specialist, visited Ostoja Natury in April 2022. His project ‘Aardehuis’ (Earthhouse: in the Dutch village of Olst is unique in Europe: it is a completely self-sufficient eco-home using as many natural, re-used and upcycled building materials as possible. The Ostoja Natury Cooperative in Tomaszyn is interested in the Earthship building concept to realise a multifunctional visitor centre and some houses. They have a special interest in the Earthship project in Olst because of a few special features that are not found in this combination elsewhere in the world. The focus of Mr. Hendriksen’s visit was on the implementation of the Tomaszyn strategy in terms of realising a visitor centre and housing, in a way that best reflects the Ostoja Natury philosophy in terms of building style and construction.

6th Smart Rural Café, Tomaszyn (7 July 2021)

During the 6th Smart Rural Communities Café, Piotr Ostaszewski from Tomaszyn talks about how regenerative agriculture and smart ecological production methods implemented in Ostoja Natury – their cooperative formed and settled in Tomaszyn – to become the driving force of change of their village. He explains how their BIO HUB – from farm to fork short chain distribution strategy – was carried out in Olsztynek, Warmia and Mazury Region.

Ostoja Natury vlog on the BioTech 2.0 Conference of 12.09.2021

A brief overview of the 2021 agro-tech event featuring practical and theoretical workshops dedicated to the food supply chain and regenerative agriculture.

BioTech 2.0 Conference & Smart Villages (12.09.2021)

The event discussed topics such as the future of agriculture, regenerative agriculture, support for innovation in Poland and the EU. It featured presentations of the Smart Rural 21 project villages.

Regenerative Agriculture in the making (episode 1)

Tomaszyn’s Ostoja Natury introduces its goals, ideas and solutions in this first episode of ‘Regenerative Agriculture in the making’ – watch this short video on the cooperative’s experiences and journey towards regenerative agriculture.

Ostoja Natury Cooperative, Tomaszyn, recognised as a Smart Village!

Discover the Ostoja Natury Cooperative, set up in 2019 in Tomaszyn. It consists of a group of producers creating high-quality food, distributed directly to customers through a sales platform that does not require intermediaries. This organic farm is a closed circuit in which waste is a fuel, and farm produces energy, enables year-round food production and works more efficiently, ensuring higher yields. Watch this short documentary – ‘Farm Gear on the trail of innovation’ – showcasing the winners of the ‘Smart Village’ competition, including the Ostoja Natury Cooperative, run by the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Resources :

Lighthouse factsheet of Tomaszyn
Ostoja Natury ( 2023 )
The factsheet outlines Tomaszyn’s smart journey as a lighthouse community in ‘Agriculture and Food’ under the Smart Rural 27 project. Ostoja Natury in Tomaszyn focuses on achieving a high degree of circular economy, emphasizing regenerative agriculture, efficient production, waste-free housing, and sustainable power industry (including biogas plants). The community’s goal is to regenerate topsoil, increase biodiversity, improve the water cycle, and create a resilient, environmentally conscious earthship village for a sustainable and affordable community.
Language : English
Tomaszyn BioTech Conference & Smart Villages
( 12/09/2021 )
A video recording of the Tomaszyn BioTech Conference
Language : English
The cooperative model: The Polish model for reviving a declining rural area
Piotr Ostaszewski - Ostoja Natury ( 24/02/2021 )
A presentation provided at the 2nd Smart Village Academy of the Smart Rural 21 project during the working group session about the Ostoja Natury cooperative. Ostoja Natury is an agricultural ecosystem of tomorrow, the effect of a synergy of traditional thinking and a technological approach. Methods tested over the ages, such as crop rotation, raised seedbeds, moon wood or home recipes are refreshed and implemented using technological innovations of our times. “While creating Refuge of Nature’s ecosystem, we are inspired by nature’s already existing solutions. Just as in a prehistoric forest circuit, waste is nonexistent, and our goal is to create an ecosystem designed to provide economic efficiency with minimal influence on the environment.”
Language : English
Summary Highlights of the Smart Village Strategy of Tomaszyn (Poland)
Piotr Ostaszewski - Ostoja Natury ( 12/2020 )
The Summary Highlights of the Smart Village Strategy of Tomaszyn has been developed in the context of the ‘Preparatory Action for Smart Rural Areas in the 21st Century’ project funded by the European Commission.
Language : English

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