1st Regional Workshop

1st Regional Workshop of the Smart Rural 21 project (Tomaszyn, Poland)

‘Smart, Prosperous & Resilient Rural Communities’

Online sessions on 12 – 14 September 2021

The purpose of the workshop was to present the outcomes of the Smart Rural 21 project as well as smart village approaches and solutions, with particular focus on prosperous and resilient rural communities, regenerative agriculture & farm-to-fork strategy.

12 September (9-17h) – Tomaszyn BioTech Conference & Smart Villages

Presentations on Future of Farming, What the Green Deal supposed to be?, The Role and Place of Agriculture in the 21st Century, The Advantage of Organic Farming, Is Hemp the Future of Organic Farm Construction?, Regenerative Agriculture, Supporting innovation in Poland and the EU.

Presentations of Smart Rural 21 villages

 See detailed programme of the BioTech Conference here!

 This session was livestreamed on YouTube.

See the Ostoja Natury vlog on the BioTech 2.0 Conference here!

13 September (10-12h) – Virtual Visit: Walking around in Tomaszyn

Covid-19 has prevented us to visit other places and learn about their experiences at first hand.
We won’t let Covid stand in the way of visiting each other!
While many interested people do not have the possibility to travel to Tomaszyn, this experimental session will allow you to walk around in the village with Piotr Ostaszewski (Ostoja Natury) and Edina Ocsko (Smart Rural 21 Project), learn about Ostoja Natury’s innovative & smart solutions in regenerative agriculture & get answers to your questions in real time.

This session was livestreamed on YouTube.

You can find more about Ostoja Natury’s approach here!

14 September (10-12.30h) – Smart Villages Support: Workshop & discussion – links to the agenda items and related presentations

Welcome & introduction of the session by Mr Jorge Pinto Antunes, Member of Cabinet Commissioner Janusz WOJCIECHOWSKI


Panel discussion on ‘Enabling Smart Village through an effective support framework’ moderated by Edina Ocsko (SR21 Project Coordinator)

This session was primarily targeted at those involved in shaping Smart Villages policies.

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