Located in the mountainous area of the Giurgiu Basin in Harghita county, Romania, Remetea is one of the largest villages in the region, with a population of 6 171 inhabitants. The total surface area of the village is 10 774 hectares.

Remetea is a settlement of several hundred years of history, with strong traditions and eloquent cultural characteristics. One of the biggest assets of the village is the natural mineral water springs and supplies. We hope to revive the ‘bath culture’ of the region by opening a wellness and bath centre, while using resources efficiently.

The traditional economy is based on agriculture, forestry and handicrafts. The community has entrepreneurial spirit, including service providers, a chocolate and sweets factory, and an office furniture enterprise. In this context, the priority is to identify and eliminate factors that limit the pursue of new business opportunities.

The leadership and management of Remetea is stable, makes use of cooperative management techniques and builds up local knowledge-base, besides the subordinated institutions (health centre, touristic centre, community centres, social centre, nursery) tries to respond to all the community needs.

Our village has been facing complex challenges and dynamic transformations that require the implementation of a new, integrated, digital management system that facilitates interaction with all the local actors of our community’s everyday life. Our motivation to participate in the project is to learn and adopt an integrative development approach, including economic development, health, innovation and education.

Village strategy :

Remetea village strategy



Interview with Remetea Mayor Elemér Laczkó-Albert

In this interview, Mayor Elemér Laczkó-Albert talks about his life, personal views and commitment towards the inhabitants and sustainable development in Remetea.

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