E-service co-design methodology

empirica communications and technology research has developed a multi-staged methodology to help local stakeholders in co-designing digitally supported services that server their needs, and to operationally prepare their practical implementation under day-to-day conditions.

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Idea Wheel

The Idea Wheel method can generate a lot of ideas and help prioritisation in short time. The tool was originally created to come up with solutions to issues and trends that companies are facing but has since been used in numerous processes and situations to generate ideas. For example, the tool can be used to work with residents to come up with solutions to challenges that their village is facing. This well-structured approach ensures that you end up with plenty of ideas without your brainstorming workshop ending in chaos.

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The Youth Fund – Engaging young people in local development

The purpose of this method is to involve young people in local development, to increase their connection with the local community and provide opportunity to finance their own projects/ initiatives. The tool can improve youth participation in local development and increase youth capacity to implement project ideas.

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