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A non-commercial on-demand shuttle service for rural communities.

Implemented inAmt Röbel-Müritz

Country : Germany

Initial investment : 82,000 €

A free smartphone app which provides locals and visitors to rural areas with information on local public services, commercial activities and recreation.

Implemented inHageland region

Country : Belgium – Flanders

Initial investment : 230,493 €

Installation of state-of-the-art wireless internet access in the centres of rural community life.

Implemented inVillarcayo de Merindad de Castilla la Vieja

Country : Spain

Initial investment : 35,000 €

Neighbours, private companies and public institutions come together to install and manage a system to generate and distribute local renewable energy.

Implemented inOrexa

Country : Spain

Initial investment : 169,500 €

A participatory governance structure led by the municipality that helps coordinate the activities of local volunteers in providing targeted services to vulnerable members of the local community.

Implemented inAthienou

Country : Cyprus

Initial investment :

Farmers cooperate to implement area-based water infiltration systems to reduce CO2 emissions due to peat oxidation.

Implemented inArea Meijepolder

Country : Netherlands

Initial investment :

The creation of a self-service shop operated through an electronic key system that allows local farmers to sell their organic food directly to customers.

Implemented inNoordeloos

Country : Netherlands

Initial investment : 60,910 €

An online platform that enables tourists and locals to book destination-to-destination public transport connections in rural areas.

Implemented inNockberge Region

Country : Austria

Initial investment : 115,000 €

A school for young children created through a public-private partnership in order to restore this crucial service that can enable families to live in relatively isolated areas.

Implemented inKalopanagiotis

Country : Cyprus

Initial investment : 475,000 €

Production and selling of local products by disadvantaged local families through a non-profit company.

Implemented inSzalatnak

Country : Hungary

Initial investment : 5,880 €

Creation of an innovative cultural centre in isolated and depopulated communities to attract new visitors to the village with high quality services and cultural productions.

Implemented inOstana

Country : Italy

Initial investment : 1,010,000 €


A public operator model for rural co-working spaces.

Implemented inGettorf

Country : Germany

Initial investment : 67,000 €

The full recovery of an unused public building, as an engine of transformation in a rural municipality through a participatory process.

Implemented inKuartango (Álava)

Country : Spain

Initial investment : 1,563,500 €

Small rural producers joining forces to sell through a shared farmers market and online shop.

Implemented inSouth Estonia

Country : Estonia

Initial investment : 25,500 €

Harnessing citizen finance to restore wine production in abandoned vineyards aimed at agricultural production and nature conservation.

Implemented inObernhof and Weinähr

Country : Germany

Initial investment : 33,000 €

The use of sensors to inform decisions on the use of water and fertiliser and to optimise timings in the growing and harvesting of grapes.

Implemented inNemea, Region of Corinthia

Country : Greece

Initial investment : 40,000 €

A collaborative space, offering not only co-working offices and desks, but a ‘creative laboratory’ providing access to high-end new technologies such as 3D printers, laser cutters and recording studios.

Implemented inWaidhofen an der Ybbs

Country : Austria

Initial investment : 978,502 €

A training programme aimed at community members interested in developing skills in coding and computer programming that delivers a community smartphone app as a result.

Implemented inAlsunga

Country : Latvia

Initial investment : 156 €

The interactive story map is a village walking map on which information and stories from the village can be listened to with QR codes.

Implemented inSchendelbeke

Country : Belgium – Flanders

Initial investment : 6,961 €

A searchable network of public and private distance-working facilities available for rent.

Implemented inKupland Network, South-east Estonia (Võru, Valga, Põlva County)

Country : Estonia

Initial investment : 70,000 €

The solution consists in the selling of local and organic food and other products without packaging in different rural locations from a mobile truck.

Implemented inLoches

Country : France

Initial investment : 49,000 €

A community building serving as a multifunctional digital hub, which provides broadband internet connection, a range of rooms and spaces and support services for individuals or companies in the area.

Implemented inArvieu

Country : France

Initial investment : 960,000 €

An Instagram business page enabling rural small businesses to promote and market local products and services, improving their competitiveness.

Implemented inAlentejo Central

Country : Portugal

Initial investment : 0 €

An electric car is made available in the village for short-term rent at low cost. A charging point is also provided, supplied by a photovoltaic carport.

Implemented inVillerouge-Termenès

Country : France

Initial investment : 177,656 €

A combination of a meeting place (café) and venue for workshops with a shop where children’s second-hand items are displayed and sold.

Implemented inMeensel-Kiezegem

Country : Belgium – Flanders

Initial investment : 2,750 €

A local irrigation system that involves the collection and filtering of rainwater pumped to agricultural land using solar and wind-powered pumps.

Implemented inTomaszyn

Country : Poland

Initial investment : 40,000 €

Decontamination and sustainable management of a village landfill site to generate energy and provide a usable space for community activities.

Implemented inPeccioli

Country : Italy

Initial investment : 2,000,000 €

A children’s bike lending and swapping service, through which parents with young children get access to children’s bicycles at a very low cost.

Implemented inHerselt

Country : Belgium – Flanders

Initial investment : 2,500 €

A resident-led process of taking desolate/abandoned rural housing and upcycling it into new houses in suitable village locations.

Implemented inRautajärvi

Country : Finland

Initial investment : 26,500 €

Installation of a scattered network of solar panels on roofs and terraces within a village through a community-led process.

Implemented inMelpignano

Country : Italy

Initial investment : 400,000 €

Providing mediation between vacant homeowners and potential new tenants, making it easier for young people, new residents and families to live in unused or semi-empty housing intended for tourist use.

Implemented inAnsó

Country : Spain

Initial investment : 2,600 €

A school catering initiative that prioritises the supply of locally produced organic food without additional costs.

Implemented inMouans-Sartoux

Country : France

Initial investment : 0 €

Hosting cinema screenings and before-and-after social activities in the village library – or other municipal building.

Implemented inKatymár

Country : Hungary

Initial investment : 6,886 €

A network of tourism enterprises committed to principles of ecotourism and delivering joint initiatives such as destination marketing.

Implemented inBurren Ecotourism Network

Country : Ireland

Initial investment : 0 €

Ride-sharing benches are equipped with signs of destinations that local people can hold up in order to get a free ride from a passing vehicle heading in the same direction.

Implemented inGrafing

Country : Germany

Initial investment : 6,000 €

Returning land from private to communal ownership under a secure and permanent legal structure, supported by training and guidance to develop holistically sustainable communities.

Implemented inTärkkilä

Country : Finland

Initial investment : 2,100 €

Small-scale, community-owned solar energy parks using locally sourced timber to support the photovoltaic panels.

Implemented inCarayac, Lot, Occitany

Country : France

Initial investment : 220,000 €

A community-led initiative enabling access to local produce through an open-source digital farmers-market platform – provided by the Open Food Network (OFN).

Implemented inCloughjordan, County Tipperary

Country : Ireland

Initial investment : 7,400 €

Local farm products are packaged into one ‘Village in a box’ twice a year and sold to local consumers.

Implemented inSchriek, Heist-op-den-Berg municipality

Country : Belgium – Flanders

Initial investment : 0 €

Offering a range of local housing as accommodation for tourists through a shared online platform, together with local produce and activities.

Implemented inSauris/Zahre

Country : Italy

Initial investment : 0 €

Remote monitoring of biomedical parameters in the elderly based on digital communication between equipment.

Implemented inSabugueiro

Country : Portugal

Initial investment : 40,000 €

Users (from anywhere in the world) can adopt an olive tree in the village via the online platform, with the money raised being used at local level to recover abandoned olive groves.

Implemented inOliete

Country : Spain

Initial investment : 80,000 €

A not-for-profit, volunteer driven community project supporting remote working opportunities at local level in rural areas

Implemented inTubbercurry and South Sligo

Country : Ireland

Initial investment : 0 €

Adapted village infrastructure, ICT tools and branding to become an ‘accessible village’ for people with disabilities as an engine for cultural, social and economic growth.

Implemented inMonteverde

Country : Italy

Initial investment : 4,750,000 €

A small-scale physical installation that is fed with local food and garden waste to generate biogas energy for cooking and heating

Implemented inSuderbyn Permaculture Ecovillage

Country : Sweden

Initial investment : 5,000 €

A production unit concept, elaborated in the field of bioeconomy, which integrates several state-of-the-art technologies: aquaponics; aquaculture; soil borehole heat pumps + solar panels; insect breeding; and hydroponics.

Implemented inTörökkoppány, Hungary

Country : Hungary

Initial investment : 152,000 €

Digital remote education in the village school through digital technology and local collaboration with the nearest town.

Implemented inEskola

Country : Finland

Initial investment : 4,250 €

The creation by villagers of their own fibre-optic network for high-speed data transfer.

Implemented inRaudanmaa

Country : Finland

Initial investment : 399,160 €

A 10-day residency for 80 participants from different creative and professional backgrounds, focused on exploring ways to revive village identity and local territorial development.

Implemented inMorigerati

Country : Italy

Initial investment : 22,000 €

Use of ICT technologies and specialised equipment in the water system to monitor remotely the quality and quantity of the drinking water, to locate malfunctions and reduce losses.

Implemented inKythera

Country : Greece

Initial investment : 1,891,577 €


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