Smart Solutions

The Smart Solutions Database gives access to a wide range of innovative practices adaptable to various local contexts.

Smart solutions list :

    Adapted village infrastructure, ICT tools and branding to become an ‘accessible village’ for people with disabilities as an engine for cultural, social and economic growth.

    Country : Italy

    Initial budget : 4,750,000 €

      A small-scale physical installation that is fed with local food and garden waste to generate biogas energy for cooking and heating

      Country : Sweden

      Initial budget : 5,000 €

        A not-for-profit, volunteer driven community project supporting remote working opportunities at local level in rural areas

        Country : Ireland

        Initial budget : 0 €

          The solution is a system of in-home monitoring of elderly health (biomedical) parameters in a reliable, comfortable and cost effective way that are then transmitted via 3G to a web portal for consultation by duly authorised health professionals in real-time.

          Country : Portugal

          Initial budget : 0 €

            Users anywhere in the world can adopt an olive tree via the online platform, with the money raised being used at local level to recover abandoned olive groves.

            Country : Spain

            Initial budget : 80,000 €

            Use of ICT technologies and specialised equipment in the Water System infrastructure of Kythera in order to monitor remotely the quality and quantity of the drinking water, to locate malfunctions and reduce losses.

            Country : Greece

            Initial budget : 1,891,577 €

            A production unit concept, elaborated in the field of bioeconomy, which integrates several state-of-the-art technologies: aquaponics; aquaculture; soil borehole heat pumps + solar panels; insect breeding, hydroponics.

            Country : Hungary

            Initial budget : 152,000 €

            Digital remote schooling for children in the village of Eskola (Finland), made possible through cooperation with the town of Lapinjärvi (500 km away from Eskola) through digital technology and local collaboration.

            Country : Finland

            Initial budget : 4,250 €

            The project built up a comprehensive telecommunications network from optical fibre in the Raudanmaa village area to support existing businesses in the region, enable the emergence of new ones, and improve residents’ access to both public and private services.

            Country : Finland

            Initial budget : 399,160 €

            A 10-day residency for 80 participants from different creative and professional backgrounds, focused on exploring ways to revive village identity and local territorial development.

            Country : Italy

            Initial budget : 22,000 €


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