Ansó is the main village in the Ansó Valley which is part of the Western Valleys of the Pyrenees Natural Park in Spain. It is a peaceful area without much tourist development. The village has preserved well its traditional Pyrenean architecture and thanks to this has been declared a Place of Cultural Value/Interest.

Its 405 inhabitants have access to simple, but ample services, including a health clinic, banks, post office, pharmacy, grocers, butcher, bakers etc. The state school stands out as innovative.

Ansó has an extensive territory (251,83 km²) of great beauty and exceptional biodiversity which is a treasure for nature lovers and for mountain sports (bird watching, botany, hiking, mushrooming, climbing, mountain biking, canyoning, canoeing, cross country skiing, hunting and fishing).

The concern in our village about ever fewer inhabitants and the lack of housing for young people and newcomers has led us to start creating the best possible environment for teleworkers and new businesses.

We are working on creating housing for letting to residents, refurbishing municipal buildings for startups and teleworkers and we’re upgrading our internet connection. Additionally, we would like to run a media campaign to change people’s perception of what living in a village can be like, now that technology makes the dream of living and working close to nature a reality.

Smart Rural Journey

Follow along with our Village Roadmap here :

Ansó’s smart project has two objectives: the rehabilitation of the old sawmill for community use and its related architectural planning; and the engagement of the community. The support related to the sawmill rehabilitation included advice on the construction elements linked to sustainable building criteria, energy efficiency and bioclimatic architecture. Interviews with local stakeholders were conducted to assess the needs of the community (including potential users of the building). Furthermore, support and advice were provided for identifying financing for the rehabilitation works, and communicating the ideas and strategy. Ansó has prepared different strategies (including a Smart Village Strategy) in the past years, and thanks to those, they are better prepared for the future. But for the implementation, it is essential to involve the various local social segments and institutions. To this end, they have prepared a Community Engagement Strategy and realised some engagement activities.

Village strategy :

Ansó village strategy



Neighbourhood Housing Mediation Programme

The Ansó Town Council has launched a programme that provides mediation between homeowners of vacant houses and potential new tenants, making it easier for young people, new residents and families to live in unused or semi-empty housing intended for tourist use. It is one of our highlighted ‘smart solutions’. Discover it at:

Ansó Smart Rural 21 objectives

Explore Ansó’s objectives and multiple projects to become a service and tourism-oriented rural area that is digitally advanced and offers a decent living environment.

Resources :

Smart Village Strategy of Ansó
Blanca Alfonso de la Riva , Montse Castán - Council of Ansó ( 05/11/2021 )
A presentation given at the 2nd Regional Workshop of the Smart Rural 21 project on the smart strategy of Ansó, one of the project’s 21 selected villages. Ansó’s aim is to create the ideal living conditions for stabilising the population and attracting new residents.
Language : English
Summary Highlights of the Smart Village Strategy of Ansó (Spain)
Council of Ansó ( 12/2020 )
The Summary Highlights of the Smart Village Strategy of Ansó has been developed in the context of the ‘Preparatory Action for Smart Rural Areas in the 21st Century’ project funded by the European Commission.
Language : English

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