Ansó is the main village in the Ansó Valley which is part of the Western Valleys of the Pyrenees Natural Park in Spain. It is a peaceful area without much tourist development. The village has preserved well its traditional Pyrenean architecture and thanks to this has been declared a Place of Cultural Value/Interest.

Its 405 inhabitants have access to simple, but ample services, including a health clinic, banks, post office, pharmacy, grocers, butcher, bakers etc. The state school stands out as innovative.

Ansó has an extensive territory (251,83 km²) of great beauty and exceptional biodiversity which is a treasure for nature lovers and for mountain sports (bird watching, botany, hiking, mushrooming, climbing, mountain biking, canyoning, canoeing, cross country skiing, hunting and fishing).

The concern in our village about ever fewer inhabitants and the lack of housing for young people and newcomers has led us to start creating the best possible environment for teleworkers and new businesses.

We are working on creating housing for letting to residents, refurbishing municipal buildings for startups and teleworkers and we’re upgrading our internet connection. Additionally, we would like to run a media campaign to change people’s perception of what living in a village can be like, now that technology makes the dream of living and working close to nature a reality.



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