3rd Regional Workshop

3rd Regional Workshop of the Smart Rural 21 project (Ostana, Italy)

‘Better connected rural areas – improving rural mobility’

on 27 of January 2022

The main thematic focus of Ostana will be ‘’Better connected rural areas – improving rural mobility’, including information on Ostana’s smart village strategy and solutions and information about the Smart Villages support framework in Italy and beyond.


The workshop is organised in the framework of the EU-funded 1st Preparatory Action on Smart Rural areas in the 21st Century (shortly called Smart Rural 21) project, with the purpose of:

  • Presenting the outcomes of the Smart Rural 21 project to date including lessons learnt from working with 21 selected rural communities;
  • Exchanging about the state-of-play of Smart Villages and how to create a supportive Smart Villages policy framework with particular focus on post-2020 CAP, Cohesion Policy and other relevant policies;
  • Presenting inspiring smart village cases;
  • Learning more about how Smart Villages can contribute to improving rural mobility


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