Village description :

Vuollerim is a small village in the middle of Swedish Lapland by the Arctic Circle, neighbouring the beautiful Nordic woods. The northern lights in the winter and the midnight sun in the summer are among of the reasons that inspire the villagers to stay and work hard for this amazing place.

With only 700 inhabitants, the village has managed to launch about 40 non-profit associations. Entrepreneurship is well-embedded in the local culture and is evidenced by the number of local companies, among other things. Today, there are about 60 companies in Vuollerim. Several of them are so-called limited liability companies which re-invest their profit in the local community.

The current goal is to create more visibility for Vuollerim, to attract young people and families to live and invest in the village. The area has very good internet connectivity and a lot of possibilities for digitalisation that should be capitalised on.

One such possibility is the ongoing project idea to create an app that matches rural places with people who want to move to the countryside. The premise is that villages would create digital profiles and people could get all the information they need to make the move, such as job opportunities, schools, and services. The Smart Rural 21 project would be a good opportunity to get inspiration and network with other smart villages with similar challenges and ideas.

(Photo credit: Elisa Echeverria)


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