Profondeville is a municipality assembling six villages in the Haute-Meuse river valley situated 80 km south-east of Brussels, in the Namur Province, Belgium. All six villages count around 12 000 inhabitants.

Profondeville is not famous for its cathedrals, museums or monuments, but for its rich and picturesque nature (out of 50,34 km², 50 % is farming land and 27 % are forests). The area is famous for its paragliding spots, underground cavities good for speleology, outdoor activities such as hiking and bicycling and, above all, water sports on the Meuse river.

Profondeville’s villages also have a reputation for the vivid social life they offer. All year long festivities set the pace for gatherings that strengthen social ties and help newcomers to get involved.

Located near the city of Namur, Profondeville faces the stakes of many suburban villages. It has to keep its rural identity and quality of life while accompanying the unavoidable development of housing and tertiary sectors.

Profondeville’s digital strategy is focused around three areas of interest :

  1. Data lifecycle and management to help us face challenges and improve public policies (for example, in energy consumption and mobility), setting up a ‘low maintenance’ data strategy to be able to manage as much data as possible with a reduced workforce and tight means.
  2. Enhance democracy through citizen engagement and participation.
  3. Promote our area to visitors and develop tourism.

(Photo credit : Stéphane Coupé)

Village strategy :

Profondeville village strategy



5th Smart Rural Café, Profondeville (23 June, 2021)

During the 5th Smart Rural Communities Café, Bernard Dubuisson from Profondeville tells about their plans to provide open data to help solve mobility problems and explain how they would like to bring new practices into public service provision around the management of data. He also explains how they provided broadband internet to a remote village at a very low cost and unveil how garbage trucks can help improve mobile coverage.

Resources :

Data use and management to improve rural services
Bernard Dubuisson - Municipality of Profondeville ( 23/02/2021 )
A presentation provided at the 2nd Smart Village Academy of the Smart Rural 21 project during the “Local data and data management– recognising data and making use of it” working group.The presentation aimed to address questions like: Which data do you deal with? How do you deal with data? How open data can help public policy? Which support do villages need?
Language : English
Summary Highlights of the Smart Village Strategy of Profondeville (Belgium)
Municipality of Profondeville ( 12/2020 )
The Summary Highlights of the Smart Village Strategy of Profondeville has been developed in the context of the ‘Preparatory Action for Smart Rural Areas in the 21st Century’ project funded by the European Commission.
Language : English

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