Mouans-Sartoux is a small town, located in the French Riviera in the south-east of France. For 40 years, we have been committed to an ambitious and sustainable local food policy, aiming to protect both environment and the health of our citizens, while supporting economic development. With this in mind, we have developed projects involving local stakeholders 100% organic and mostly local school canteens, creation of a municipal farm supplying most of the vegetables consumed in canteens, sustainable food education actions towards pupils as well as citizens in general, support to the settlement of organic farmers in the area.

Today, most of the inhabitants are convinced that this development option contributes to improving their quality of life and to promoting the resilience of our area.

Our challenge now is to better organise the food governance at the municipality level and to increase the supply of organic local products by stimulating self-production and ensuring that the number of new farmers and cooperation with the surrounding mountainous areas respond efficiently to local demand. We believe that digital tools can efficiently address these issues. Among others, we need innovation and smart solutions to improve local products distribution at a larger scale, to involve all the stakeholders including the “invisible”, and to make Mouans-Sartoux a pioneer lab’ for local food policies and development model based on resilience values.

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Mouans-Sartoux - an innovative and ambitious food project

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